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The Carousel ~ I had a difficult time saying "good-bye"...I enjoyed every moment of it...I ove the depth of the characters.

~ I Am Celt

A Claddagh Christmas ~ A nice blend of loss, hope and love.

~ Nicole Laverdure

The Christmas Shop ~ I was gripped by the storyline in this book.

~ I Am Celt


The Old Claddagh Ring ~ Another story that I didn/t want to close the book on.

~ I Am Celt


Christmas will do its magic.

~ Nicole Laverdure


Wishes of the Heart ~ A 5-Star Reviewer's Top Pick! aptivating story of hope and trust with an Irish touch!
Cynthia Owens is an excellent storyteller and WISHES OF THE HEART had everything to please me! This author never disappoints and her stories are always well written with strong emotions and rich characters!

~ Books & Benches



Kathleen's Mirror ~ A 5-Star Reviewer's Top Pick! "A masterpiece of an Irish tale! Cynthia Owens...has outdone herself with this  touching story! The parallel between the life journey of Nuala and Braden and the tale of the magic mirror adds a fantastic and mysterious touch."

~ Books & Benches




Yesterday's Promise ~ A 5-Star Reviewer's Top Pick! "A touching and captivating love story with an Irish touch!...Ms. Owens really wrote a very touching story of three beautiful souls in search of hope and love! If you love historical romance with an Irish touch, then you are in for a treat! Yesterday’s Promise is a well-written historical romance that ends on a forever love note!"

~ Books & Benches



Christmas Rainbows - If you believe in the magic of Christmas, you'll love Christmas Rainbows, a touching and sweet Irish love story of two broken souls in search of love! I spent a wonderful afternoon, reading this beautiful novella. Cynthia Owens, never disappoints me! Her stories are always well written, filled with strong emotions and tenderness. Some scenes are so emotional! Her charming characters will live a journey of ups and downs, healing and finally love!

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon



In Sunshine or In Shadow - If you adore the stormy heroes of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’ (and

who doesn't?) you'll be entranced by Owens' passionate story of Ireland after the Great Famine, and David Burke - a man from America with a hidden past and a secret name. Only one woman, the fiery, luscious 

Siobhan, can unlock the bonds that imprison him. Highly recommended for those who love classic romance and an action-packed story.

~ Best Selling Author, Maggie Davis, AKA Katherine Deauxville


Coming Home - A heartwarming visit to a nineteenth century Irish village filled with memorable characters, post-famine intrigue, and bittersweet romance.

~ Pat McDermott, author


Playing For Keeps - A real page turner! I just finished reading Playing for Keeps and I have to tell you that I think this just may be Cynthia Owens’ best book to date. I am a big fan of her Claddagh series books. I especially felt connected to this book. It was a great romance, a lively story and very well-written.

~ Liz, Amazon


Everlasting Cynthia Owens never disappoints me! Her stories are always well-written, filled with strong emotions and tenderness. In Everlasting, the fourth story in The Claddagh Series, we meet her charming characters Shannon and Liam. It's a story of two broken souls who search for peace and hope!

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon


Reluctant Betrayer - Cynthia Owens is an excellent storyteller and Reluctant Betrayer, had everything to please lovers of Irish tales! Aidan and Maura's story is filled with tenderness, betrayal and hope! A great Irish tale!

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon


Deceptive Hearts - Cynthia Owens is an excellent storyteller and Deceptive Hearts has everything a read needs. This author wrote a touching story with loving characters with high emotions! I loved her two main characters Shane MacDermott and Lydia Daniels. Shane was one of those Wild Geese, Irish young men, forced to leave Ireland for America; he was also a hero of the Irish Brigade. This historical Irish story was very well written, filled with suspense, tenderness, intrigue and love! She is a high quality writer and one of my favorite authors for Irish romances! I could not put it down. Ms. Owens's books never disappoint me! 

~ Mirabelle, Amazon


Keeper of the Light – Cynthia Owens has done it again. I got captivated by her Irish historical romance. She has me hooked to her series. I loved her two main characters Cathal Donnelly, an Irish rebel and Laura Bainbridge, a British young lady. You will need to read their beautiful story to get all the details. Ms. Owens is an author that pulls me into her story and I can't put it down. It's fast-paced, very well written and a breathtaking Irish romance! Let yourself be carried away by Owens’ strong characters and fascinating story filled with tenderness and passion.

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon


My Dark Rose - I'm a big fan of Cynthia Owens's series The Wild Geese!  I loved her charming characters. [My Dark Rose] is a well written Irish fiction filled with romance that ends on a forever love note!

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon

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